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Future Plans

Industrial and Heavy Duty Protective coatings, offers excellent prospects to established manufacturers in the coming years. With the industrial development of our country, the application of protective coatings is rapidly gaining momentum and the demand for these products is expected to register an annual growth rate of over 20% for the next five years. With the growing emphasis on quality and increase in production levels, automation is gradually finding its way in the industry, thereby necessitating the manufacture of more sophisticated and better coating systems While the protective coatings industry presents a prospective growth potential in the medium to long term, other decorative surface treatment technologies like lacquers, topcoats are seen as major growth areas in the near future. We have created a separate development team for the architectural segment and are planning to enter this market segments in a big way.

Our Polymer team have developed and recently commenced the manufacture of some specialized intermediaries used in the production of Coatings, which will help us establish new vistas and provide excellent opportunities in coveted markets world-wide.

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