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Quick Drying Enamels
As a very quick air drying paint system for interior as well as exterior surfaces. Also used for repair / maintenace work.
Stoving Enamels
For Original Equipment application for mass production items including automobiles.
Casting Sealers
For castings and forged surfaces for temporary protection before machining of component and further painting.
Stoving HR Paints
Mostly available in Aluminium finish and suitable for low to very high temperatures up to 6000 C. Suitable for various silencers.
Stoving Epoxy Primer
As a high performance primer for sheet metal parts of tractors, etc.
Thermosetting Acrylic Paints
As a very high durable oven baked coating used over sheet metal parts for automobile application.
Polyurethane Primer / Enamel
These are two components highly durable coating used as air drying as well as force drying system over metal and plastic surfaces.
Q. D. Lustre Enamels
These are available in two pack as well as single pack system and used on heavy machineries as quick drying paints.
Low Bake Primers and Enamels
These are used as highly durable coating on heavy metal parts which cannot be heated to a high temperature.
Stoving Unicoat Enamel
Single coat stoving paints, which can be applied directly on metal surfaces.

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