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We cater to various Industrial Projects and to The Original Equipment Manufacturers across the widespread Industry segments. Our products are generally tailor-made to meet the needs of the stringent customer requirements and vary in the level of technology from simple application to highly sophisticated coating systems.
We manufacture a wide range of coatings based on Alkyds, Epoxys, Polyurethanes, Vinyls and Acrylic resins, which helps in reducing corrosion on metallic surfaces.

The product categories include:

1) Quick Drying Low Bake and Stoving Systems, for tractors, Farm Equipments, Harvesters, etc.
2) Quick Drying Paints, casting sealers and stoving paints for commercial vehicles.
3) Paint systems for two-wheelers.
4) Exterior wall coatings, based on Vinyl Polymers.
5) Zinc silicate primers, Epoxy Paints, Polyurethane Paints and other heavy duty coatings for chemical,
     Fertilizer and Petro-chemical plants.
6) Paint System for thermal power plants, Nuclear Power Plants.
7) Shop Primers for shipyards

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