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Research and Development


Driven by strong technological focus, we are continuously striving for latest developments in the Coatings technology. Strong emphasis is placed on the in-house Research and Developmental activities, creating new opportunities by effectively harnessing indigenous creativity. With a team of over 20 highly qualified scientists, our team has been responsible for creating a whole new category of products with many ‘firsts’ to its credit. Ours was the first Company in the paint industry, to be recognized for its R&D activities, by the Department of Science Technology, Government of India, in the Year 1969.

We were the first indigenous Paint manufacturing Company to be certified as approved suppliers of Heavy Duty Marine Coatings for offshore structures being fabricated in India for the Oil and Natural Gas Commission.

We have two Research & Development departments, both of which are individually headed by senior, highly qualified research scientists, possessing considerable experience in their respective fields, supported by a modern instrumentation laboratory.

One carries out Research work on the Development of Resins and Polymers on a conceptual basis, relating to the functionality and molecular structure of the raw materials.
Some of the resins developed are: 1) Epoxy Resins
2) Epoxy Ethers modified with Vinyl Monomers
3) Polyamides and Polyamide Adducts
4) Hydroxy Functional Polymers such as Acrylic Polyols
5) Iso-Cyanate Prepolymers (Aliphatic and Aromatic) for curing Hydroxy Functional Polymers.
6) Polyester and Hydroxy functional Acrylic Alkyds
7) Amino Resins
8) Acrylic Resins for Paints to be used on Plastic Substrates
9) Modification of Coal Tar with Phenolic Resins
10) Polyurethane Systems based on Aliphatic/Aromatic Iso-Cyanate Prepolymer
11) Moisture cured Polyurethane
New Processes developed 1) Polyamide developed
2) Vinyl Modified Alkyd Resins
3) Thixotropic Agents
The other is concerned with the development of Paints. It is engaged in applied Research and in indigenisation of adapted technologies and also, provides additional support for the various branches of Polymer technology and other diversification programmes to be undertaken in the near future.

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