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Grauer & Weil (India) Limited or Growel, has been a trail blazer in the metal finishing field. With a solid experience of more than 60 years, Read More>>

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A variety of intermediates for electroplating chemicals that produce a series of additives required for metal treatment.
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Engineering Equipments


High performance, heavy duty protective coating for Marine, Industrial and OEM segments.
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Plating Chemical Suppliers


Manufacturing as well as marketing a complete range of auxiliary equipment and engineering plants that are custom built as per the industry requirement.
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Paint Manufacturers In India
Oil Lubricants Manufacturers


A wide range of lubricants and oils, that are comparatively long lasting, cost-effective and better performing than other available conventional products.
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community center


Growel’s 101 is a family entertainment and shopping facility amidst the vicinity of a community center.
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