New Product Details

16 February 2023

Introducing APEO-free single additive process  - Ginplate Sn 535

It is a cyanide-free single additive process for bright immersion tin plating on copper and copper alloys.

Being APEO free it complies with the recent regulations -  REACH / H&M / OKOT.


  • Cyanide-free single additive process for immersion tin plating on Copper and Copper alloys.
  • “APEO FREE” Product
  • The bright tin deposit is dense and corrosion-resistant, providing protection against oxidation and corrosion of the substrate.
  • RoHS compliance


  • Provides tin coating on parts where electrochemical depositions are not feasible e,g zippers etc.
  • Being cyanide & APEO-free, Complies with all industry directives.
  • OSHA compliant.
  • Simplified waste treatment.

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