Add A Layer Of Trust To Your Vehicle With Geomet® and Growel 

Automobiles, by design, feature metallic parts which are prone to the elements of dust, water and temperature. Corrosion resistance then becomes indispensable. In such a scenario, OEMs must use chemically plated parts, primarily Zinc-Aluminium Flake Coating, because of its versatility. 

Growel Chemicals promises the best and delivers on it. It’s no wonder then that they have a long-standing relationship with Japan’s number one Zinc Aluminium Flake Coating manufacturers NOF Metal Coating’s Asia Pacific Co. Ltd. 

In the late 90’s they introduced Dacromet® and Geomet® processes in India just as the auto industry boomed in India. Since then, Grauer & Weil have appointed over 25+ sublicensees for providing Geomet® coatings to leading OEM customers across India.

The Geomet® process is well established, superior in technology, and environment-friendly. It is used in many industries throughout the world, such as Automobiles, Windmills, Engineering, Electricals & Electronics, White Goods, Mining, Railways, Process Industry, and Defence.

So What’s The Geomet® Process?

  • Zinc Flake coatings provides outstanding protection to metallic surfaces against corrosion. 
  • The coating is known by the name ‘Geomet®’ and contains inorganic silver-grey deposits essentially comprising Zinc & Aluminum flakes, uniformly distributed on the entire substrate.

What Are The Applications Of The Geomet® Process? 

  • The Geomet® process covers the protection of various items like fasteners, springs, brake discs, etc. 
  • The application of topcoat is used as a coefficient stabilizer and additionally improves protection against corrosion. Both processes provide outstanding protection to metallic surfaces against corrosion at film thickness as low as 8~10 microns.

What Are Its Advantages?

It protects your vehicle from: 

  • Corrosion
  • Wear and tear 

How Growel Adds Value To Your Automobile

Growel supplies both the chemicals and equipment required for the Geomet® process. We not only sell but also transfer this technology to the users and aid them with:

  • Giving extensive training in our pilot plant.
  • Assisting our Licensees in equipment selection, supply, and inspection
  • Participate in Process Establishment at Licensee’s Plant.
  • Continuous regular supply of Coating Chemicals
  • Testing facility to Licensees as required
  • Troubleshooting as and when needed

Together, Growel and NOF Metal Coatings have been protecting the Indian automotive industry. To know about how we can help you, do reach out to us at our WhatsApp number: 8082048048 and send your queries to