Zinc Aluminium Flake Coating – Dacromet®/Geomet® Process

We have joined hands with Japanese M/s NOF Metal Coating’s Asia Pacific Co. Ltd. to introduce world-famous Dacrotizing/Geomet’ processes in India, which provide outstanding protection to metallic surfaces against corrosion at a shallow film thickness of ~6-8 microns. Moreover, Dacromet® and Geomet® Processes comprise the uniform deposition of overlapping Zinc and Aluminium flakes. Furthermore, the Dacromet process contains hexavalent Chrome, whereas the Geomet process is totally chrome-free and OSHS compliant.

Dacromet®/Geomet® process is ideal for protecting various items like fasteners, springs, and brake discs. The process involves two coats or two bake to get the desired results. In addition, the coefficient friction for fasteners can be modified using additional topcoats. The topcoat also improves protection against corrosion.