New Product Details

01 January 2023

Introducing Ginsol-NI-801 / Ginplate Ni CL2 / Ginplast Ni 801 specially formulated for Plating on Plastics

It is a highly stable chloride-based alkaline Electroless Nickel Process, specially formulated to rapidly deposit uniform, defect-free, and well-conductive Ni-P layers on properly prepared ABS, PC- ABS blend, and other non-conductor substrates.


  • New generation alkaline ENP process for plating on plastic based on chloride based ingredient’s.
  • Specially designed to plate thin, adherent, 1st layer of conductive ENP layer on ABS &/or PC-ABS blend.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful raw materials e,g. lead, cadmium etc.
  • Unmatched bath stability on account of higher solubility of involved additives & thus, offers very long bath life - Can be operated till the 125 g/L Orthophosphite.
  • Being lower grain sizes, it provides coating without any ‘voids’.


  • Uniform & bright continuous coating.
  • Conforms the recent industry norms e,g ROHS, ELV etc.
  • Lesser rejections pertaining to pitting &/or voids.
  • Longer bath life – lower consumption of chemicals which in turn reduces the cost of operation.
  • Brighter coating – better aesthetics.
  • Increased through-put.

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