New Product Details

01 March 2023

Introducing I-Fin-AL-Bright 48 - nitrate free chemical brightening additive.

A unique nitrate-free chemical brightening additive to impart a brighter finish during pre-treatment of Al prior to Anodizing. Specially designed to cater to the requirement for Furniture / Kitchen accessories.


  • Nitrate-free Chemical brightening / polishing process.
  • Imparts brightness to the processed aluminium & aluminium alloys - removes the surface defects from the top surface of the base material & makes the surface bright.
  • Any subsequent coating formation on the bright layer makes the end product quite attractive.
  • The wetting property of this process is quite good & hence, restricts the drag-out losses.



  • Brightens the aluminium & aluminium alloys prior to anodising & other related processes – Allows, the user to meet the need for decorative appeal.
  • Eliminates the need of using nitrate-based processes.
  • No corrosive fumes.
  • Better work atmosphere.

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