14 April 2021


Introduction of new Non-Cyanide Stripper for Nickel ~ Metstrip S 181

We are pleased to introduce a new non-cyanide stripper - Metstrip S 181 Process, to strip deposited nickel coating from ‘earlier rejects’ to enable to recover the respective basis metals for re-processing. Metstrip S 181 is triple additive cyanide free process that removes nickel deposit from variety of base metals e,g Steel, Copper, Brass, German Silver etc by immersion & base metals are not being attacked by the chemicals during the stripping process significantly. Metstrip S 181 A is liquid material and Metstrip S 181 B & Metstrip S 181 C are powdered material; these materials are mixed with water to make-up the general stripping solution. Metstrip S 181 strips nickel at an initial rate of 0.6–0.8 micron per mint. at 60-70° C.


Salient Feature of Metstrip S 181 :

  • Eliminates use of sodium cyanide and cost to destroy cyanide
  • Will not decompose on standing
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Can be used over long periods
  • No pH control required



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