20 September 2021


Uniramous Electroless Nickel Process

Grauer & Weil offers state-of-the-art electroless nickel plating chemistry for functional coating of Ni-P alloy coating for industrial surface finishing applications. In our endeavour to continuously reinvent our Electroless Nickel plating products to make them more robust, cost effective, operator handy and environmental friendly, we are yet again introducing UNIRAMOUS Series of ENP. The new series of electroless nickel is available in two variants vis-à-vis Highphos, and Midphos electroless nickel plating process. Ginplate Ni Uniramous is a next gen breakthrough innovation in electroless Nickel plating technology. They are single component solution which work both for Make-up and Replenishment of ENP plating bath. These innovative process is designed for true economy and ease of control to the complex ENP process. These are the most advance electroless Nickel technology ever offered to the plating industry. We take pride to introduce first and only single component ENP process in India and perhaps in the world to the best of our knowledge. The new Ginplate Ni Uniramous 1012 is a Cadmium-Lead free, high speed highphos [P-content 10 – 12.5% (w/w)] Electroless Nickel process. The new Ginplate Ni Uniramous 608 is a lead free, mirror bight, high speed midphos [6 – 8% (w/w)] Electroless Nickel process. The another midphos Ginplate Ni Uniramous 8010 is a Cadmium-Lead free, high speed highphos [P-content 8 – 10% (w/w)] Electroless Nickel Process The new Electroless nickel process employs a completely different set of stabilizer. The carefully selected solution additives provide excellent solution stability, moderate to high plating rate and produce a deposit with minimal or no porosity on properly prepared surfaces. Bath constituents do not break even at an operating temperature of 92 °C. The quality of the deposit, namely, the physical and mechanical properties, is also uniform because the composition of the coating is uniform at all thicknesses. By the proper choice of the bath parameters, pH, and the operating temperatures, the rate of deposition and P% can be fine-tuned and controlled as per application and need of the work. Currently, it is available in Highphos and midphos variant of ENP. For detail contact our Grauer & Weil esteem team and experience the new way of electroless Nickel plating. Grauer & Weil is the only, who offers single component Electroless Nickel system in India. The Uniramous allow platers to use the same product for both make up and maintenance. Traditionally, EN was developed using 3 components (A, B, &, C) and make up between 22 – 25 % by volume; Uniramous was developed with just single component that makes up at 18% by volume.


There are many benefits of “Uniramous” series of ENP process, some of these includes:

  • Just a single product to place order, bring and stock at the plant
  • Enormous amount of time, labour, energy, lab testing work can be saved due to ease of using single solution
  • Better chemical balance in the bath
  • Longer bath life due to consistency in bath chemistry
  • Fully or Partial Self-pH-regulating system with a hybrid buffer
  • Meet the requirements of most of the regulatory complaint
  • Environment friendly due to low drag out and long bath life
  • Ability to plate on variety of substrate like, MS, SS, Brass, Aluminium alloy etc.


Ginplate NI Uniramous 8010 Process CLF RoHS (MPEN)

  • Phosphorous Content: 8 – 10% by Weight 
  • Hardness as plated: 550±50 HV 
  • Hardness Heat Treated @ 400°C for 1 Hr: 900+ HV 
  • Salt Spray of 25+ microns coating (ASTM-B-117): 500 Hrs. 
  • Stress: Zero to Slightly Compressive 
  • Magnetic Properties: slightly magnetic to Non-Magnetic 
  • Wide window of operating pH (4.4 – 5.2) and temperature (82 – 92 °C) 
  • Deposition Rate: 15 – 18 µm/hr. o Good bath life 12 – 15 MTO
  • Consistent and uniform mechanical & physical properties of coating over bath life 15 MTO

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