25 September 2021


Introduction of new Non-cyanide dilute zincate process ~ Alzincate OR

We are pleased to introduce a new cyanide-free dilute zincate process namely ~ Alzincate OR, specially designed for initiate first strike adherent immersion zinc coat to enable to get different subsequent plating process on aluminum & its alloy substrates. The dilute Alzincate OR solution has a water-like viscosity that rapidly penetrates the water film present on the cleaned aluminium. This produces a denser, more uniform zinc film than found with conventional zincates. This film has improved adhesion to the aluminium, helping to ensure adhesion of the subsequent plate. Alzincate OR can be used to plate aluminium sheet, strip, castings, forgings, extrusions, or stampings. It is applicable to all commercially used aluminium alloys. The Alzincate OR solution does not destroy the surface finish of the aluminium and does not detract from the subsequent plated finish. Very bright finishes can be obtained by plating on buffed surfaces.


Salient Feature of Alzincate OR :

  • Alzincate OR removes aluminium oxide and applies a thin zinc film on the aluminium alloy by immersion to prevent its re-oxidation.
  •  This film can also be electroplated with copper, nickel, and certain other electrolytic processes.


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