Grodal Multicut AL 2000

It is a Chlorine, boron and Secondary amine free high quality micro emulsion water miscible metalworking fluid. Product is designed to form a translucent emulsion which is suitable for soft and hard water in a range of 15 – 400 ppm. Grodal Multicut AL 2000 is designed to minimize skin irritation and provide long operation life at the same time. Product is free of formaldehyde release agents (FAD). Grodal Multicut AL 2000 is suitable for modern Individual and centralized system where long service life, excellent machining performance, health and environmental concerns are important factors for increased productivity. Grodal Multicut AL 2000 is primarily intended for the machining of aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper, Brass and wide variety of ferrous alloys materials as well as multimetals.


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