The 2 Approaches to Copper Wire Lubrication Industry

Sub-standard lubricity results in die wear which leads to poor wire quality and wire breaks, thus reducing productivity and increasing operating costs. There are famous manufacturers of copper wire drawing lubricants in India that produce quality wire drawing lubricants to preserve the production parameters of your wire drawing machine and to allow the production of top quality finished wire. They also offer custom formulations to meet specific customer requests and to help solve problems for our customers. Drawing of copper wires makes high demands on the quality and the condition of the wire drawing lubricants applied as they influence the result decisively. Besides the choice of the correct product with regard to the total machining, maintaining the lubricant applied is very important to ensure a maximal constancy. This can only be ensured by close collaboration between the copper wire drawing companies and the manufacturers of the lubricants.

The wire drawing process reduces the size of a ferrous or non-ferrous rod down to a variety of finished sizes including superfine wire. This process is accomplished by passing the wire or wires through a series of single or multi-wire drawing machines. The drawing dies used in these machines can be tungsten carbide, natural diamond or synthetic diamond, and the type of die utilized is determined by the type of material being drawn. Wire drawing machines produce wire that is commonly used for electrical wiring, magnet wire, overhead power conductor, telecommunication cable, musical strings, spokes, rods and more.

There are two types of lubrication processes used for the cold drawing of wire: dry soap lubricants and liquid lubricants. Liquid wire drawing lubricants completely immerse the wire in a neat oil, water miscible, or solution synthetic lubricant. Beyond offering emulsifiable liquid lubricants, the famous manufacturers produce neat oils and drawing pastes for all types of wire drawing operations and materials.

It is short-sighted to sacrifice quality for cost when it comes to choosing a certain wire drawing water-miscible lubricant for a given operation. It is important to choose high quality, bio-stable copper wire drawing lubricants as these lubricants will preserve the surface condition and integrity of your wire. Copper Wire drawing lubricants provide an outstanding surface finish and extended reservoir life without needing to add tank side biocides to kill bacteria and fungi, thus saving time and money.

Famous companies of lubricants in India also offer liquid type copper wire drawing lubricants perfectly suited for the wet drawing process. The copper wire drawing lubricants are formulated with additives that adhere to each type of wire material to improve die life, drawing speeds and to improve surface finish quality. The quality copper wire drawing lubricants have been proven to protect against excessive die wear and to prevent wire breaks. The famous companies work with customers and prospects to formulate the best lubricant for a given wire drawing operation.

Copper wired drawing lubricants are water soluble and solution synthetic to match any alloy. Whether it’s copper, aluminum, stainless steel or nickel-based alloy wire drawing lubricants you need famous lubricant manufacturers to get good quality. The excellent quality copper wire drawing lubricants are suited for many types of wire drawing machines.

If you are looking for copper wire drawing lubricants in India, you should purchase from a famous company like JK Labels to get the best quality copper wired drawing lubricants for your industry.

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