Growel offers tailor made products, of extremely high standards and consistent quality.

We are registered suppliers and offer a large range of surface treatment and coating processes for the aerospace and defence industries.


Categories Process Process
Cadmium Cadal Cadmium Produces matt white deposits with excellent throwing power
Cadmium Brilliant Designed to produce silvery bright, non-porous cadmium deposit straight from the bath – suitable for rack & barrel plating process
Cadmium Zincbrite Ultra Cyanide zinc brighteners with superb, unmatched brightness
Zinthobrite 978 Acid zinc brightener system with high quality brightness
Uniglo Alkaline brightener system produces mirror bright deposit and also, sustainable on longer scale of production
Zinc Alloy Plating Zincalume series Complete platter of zinc alloys – Zn-Co, Zn-Fe, Zn- Ni, Zn-Fe-Co & Sn-Zn, specially designed to achieve higher corrosion resistance and also, definitely, reliable.
Trivalent Chromates Trichrome series A gamut of trivalent chrome based passivation process for zinc & its alloys and also, for aluminium & magnesium alloys. Products are designed to meet automotive requirements – choose to be more reliable & sustainable.
Nickel Plating Ductolite Multilayer Nickel Plating process Specially designed Semibright, high sulphur sandwich layer, fully ductile bright nickel with exceptional ductility, micpo-porous & micro-cracked nickel – conform all demanded properties of aerospace industries
Nickel Sulphamate Free for impurities and hence, produces stress free, fine grained, ductile thick nickel deposit – very useful for electroforming application
Chrome Plating Durocrack Chrome Mixed catalyzed chrome plating process with very good throwing power
HENE L 600 High efficiency hard chrome plating process- designed to provide consistent deposit hardness > 1150 VPN
Specialized Plating Sopal LTC Lead-Tin-Copper plating for bearing
Tin & Tin Alloy Stannolue Bright acid tin plating – produces mirror bright, silvery white deposit with good solderability
Acid Tin
Produces pleasant matte finish
Tinbrite HS Methane Sulphonate based tin plating process where propensity to whisker formation is very low
Sopal 64 Produces satin tin lead plating(63:37) – excellent solderability
Phosphating Surfix Series Heavy coating: Zinc nickel modified) & Manganese Phosphates. Medium Coating (pre paint application)- Tri-cationic, calcium modified. Temperature saver room temperature phosphates
Surfix Eco 100 Nano ceramic coating – technical replacement for phosphate coating pre-paint &/or powder coating – helps user’s to conform eco-awareness
Electroless Nickel Ginplate series All desired options with low, medium & high phosphorous elctroless nickel giving clients to fulfill all desired requirements
Blackening Process Gibonol S 34 High temperature blackening process for mild steel components
Gibonol Instablack 33 Power saver blackening process
Oils & Lubricants Grodal Cutsol series /Multi Cut SS 40 Cutting oil & corrosion inhibitor – should be chosen for smooth grinding & machining
Grodal RPWB 500 Water based, VOC free rust preventive with value added feature to be used as cleaning agents
PVD & CVD Chromatipic Complete turnkey project to meet client’s requirements
Anodising i-Fin Al series Complete spectrum of processing chemicals for activating, anodizing, sealing as well as dyeing
Plating on Aluminium & Magnesium Ginbond, Alzincate etc Specialized pre-treatment process – cleaners, zincating, electroless nickel, along with desired plating & other processes – complete solutions to all aerospace needs


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