Growel, a pioneering force in India's metal finishing domain, manufactures an extensive range of chemicals required for plating on electronics. You cannot go wrong with us! We have close to seven decades’ market presence, robust in-plant experience, specialized analytical infrastructure, and plant engineering. We possess the capabilities to analyze your needs and offer tailored insights, recommend processing steps and plant layouts that will meet your specific requirements.


Product Name Process Process
Next-Gen Non-Cynaide Silver Plating for Decorative & Electronic Applications Click to download Growel's upgraded, organic-complex based and highly stable, non-cyanide silver products are a testament to our commitment to the environment.
Functional Electronic Coatings Click to download Surface Coatings for the Electrical and Electronics Industries.
Proven Plating Processes for Printed Circuit Boards Click to download Growel, a distinguished leader in India's surface finishing industry, offers a comprehensive array of chemicals essential for plating on electronics.


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