New Product Details

13 March 2023

Introducing I-Fin AL Cold Sealing 40 B / 139 A&B, a room temperature operated sealing process

Room temperature operated sealing process for Anodized aluminum. The efficiency of the sealing is found to be fast and excellent and therefore permits the conformance of “Sealing Test” immediately after the process.


  • Very efficient room temperature operated sealing system.
  • Fast seals the pores through ‘salt impregnation’ & hence, the cooling period prior to testing is not desired.
  • Permits the testing for the quality of sealing through dye absorption immediately after production.


  • Room temperature operation – thus, saving the cost pertaining to the electricity consumption.
  • No ‘powdery’ deposit.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Relief from storing the parts for extended periods after production – Reduced floor space occupation & also, removes the chances of dust adherence.


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