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20 September 2021
Uniramous Electroless Nickel Process

There are many benefits of “Uniramous” series of ENP process, some of these includes:

  • Just a single product to place order, bring and stock at the plant
  • Enormous amount of time, labour, energy, lab testing work can be saved due to ease of using single solution
  • Better chemical balance in the bath
  • Longer bath life due to consistency in bath chemistry
  • Fully or Partial Self-pH-regulating system with a hybrid buffer
  • Meet the requirements of most of the regulatory complaint
  • Environment friendly due to low drag out and long bath life
  • Ability to plate on variety of substrate like, MS, SS, Brass, Aluminium alloy etc. 


Ginplate NI Uniramous 8010 Process CLF RoHS (MPEN)

  • Phosphorous Content: 8 – 10% by Weight 
  • Hardness as plated: 550±50 HV 
  • Hardness Heat Treated @ 400°C for 1 Hr: 900+ HV 
  • Salt Spray of 25+ microns coating (ASTM-B-117): 500 Hrs. 
  • Stress: Zero to Slightly Compressive 
  • Magnetic Properties: slightly magnetic to Non-Magnetic 
  • Wide window of operating pH (4.4 – 5.2) and temperature (82 – 92 °C) 
  • Deposition Rate: 15 – 18 µm/hr. o Good bath life 12 – 15 MTO
  • Consistent and uniform mechanical & physical properties of coating over bath life 15 MTO



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