12 January 2016


Zinc Products Introduced

Zincalume NiZ 851

  • New generation alkaline zinc nickel plating process with 6 – 10% nickel in the deposit.
  • This is specially developed to achieve low nickel zinc-nickel deposit to achieve better ductility to the coating which would enable more bend ability.
  • The deposited coating provides highest degree of corrosion resistance ~ > 1000 hrs. even after thermal shock ~ 120ºC / 1hr. 
  • Due to higher heat resistance Zincalume NiZ 851 coating meets automotive requirements to be used for engine components

Nickel Products Introduced

Spectra 1997 BL

  • Brighteners are a highly advanced system of nickel brighteners.
  • They produce brilliant deposits, highly leveled and ductile.
  • They are suited for rack and barrel operations.
  • These processes have capability of producing bright lustrous white deposit while using for barrel operation.

Copper Products Introduced

Cuprobrite DF 412

  • Process is designed to eliminate all the hazards which are associated to other contemporary dye based processes without sacrificing the leveling aspect of the process.
  • Base has tenside characteristics and is responsible for excellent depth dispersion.
  • Part A deficiency causes reduction in levelling and brightness formation.

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