Rust Preventive Solvent Base

Grodal Safeguard 556

It is a combination of evaporating paraffinic solvent with top class lubricity additives, metal deactivators & antioxidants. The product gives dry and transparent durable thin films. It also protects parts in indoor and outdoor storage. It gives best thin coating on wires/metals to protect from oxidation. This product can be used after annealing for multiple metals to control the oxidation. Provides lubricity in unwinding application to avoid the wire breakage.

Grodal RPSB DW 3 

It is a soft oily film, solvent based, water displacing type corrosion preventive. This fluid can be applied directly to water wet metal surfaces, where it displace water, leaving a protective film. This fluid have excellent spreading and it can be applied either by dipping or by spraying. It is intended for severe conditions and leaves a shiny oily film. These are non-staining water displacing thin oily film type corrosion preventives. It is used for protection during storage of valuable machine tools and as a final protective for tools and machined components in factory stores or shops. Specially developed for steel industries.

Grodal RPSB DWX 6101 D 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPSB DWX 6101 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPSB DWX 6101 SW 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPSB 7065 HF 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPSB 101 DWX 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPSB 940 

It is used for cleaning as well as leakage testing. This can be used as vapour corrosion cleaner..

Grodal RPSB 950

RUST PREVENTIVE –De-watering type.

Grodal RPSB 101 

Dewatering, soft oily film forming on components. It is based on solvents and special waxes very effective in acid fumes environment specially in pipe industries.

Grodal RPSB 101 C 

Grodal RPSB 101C is a soft film, solvent based, dewatering type rust preventive oil.

Grodal RPSB 101 M 

Low viscosity, dewatering rust preventive for temporary protection.

Grodal RPSB 102

Provide protection by displacing water and good resistance to salt water. It is based on solvents and special waxes.

Grodal RPSB 102 M

Displace water and gives protective waxy, shiny film on component.

Grodal RPSB 106

High quality soft film type rust preventive leaves powerful protective film.

Grodal RPSB 106 P

Premium quality, dewatering rust preventive leaves oily film on components.

Grodal RPSB 106 H 


Grodal RPSB 107

A solvent based rust preventive posses finger print neutralisation property.

Grodal RPSB 107 (KBL)

Dewatering, High quality rust preventive forms thin protective film on components.

Grodal RPSB 742

It is a solvent base water displacing type rust preventive. 

Grodal RPSB 106H (Aerosol)

Penetrates, protects, cleans, lubricants and displace water from metal surface.

Grodal GPS 40

It is a thin film penetrant, moisture displacing rust preventive.

Grodal GPS 40 (Aerosol)

Penetrates, protects, cleans, lubricants and displace water from metal surface.

Grodal Core 40 

Water emulsifiable rust preventive which provides excellent Anti Rust film.


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