Al Wire Drawing Oil

Grodal Stamp DE 2010

It is mainly used in vanishing drawing stamping & blanking application. Recommended for precise and difficult operations of stamping, profiling, folding, refining and cutting of non-ferrous metal thin sheets. It is especially suitable for aluminium and alloys.

Grodal Draw 300

It is low viscosity fine aluminium Wire drawing oil free from sulphur, chlorine & Zinc & hence also can be used for super finishing of ferrous & non ferrous & even yellow metals.

Grodal star DE 1422

These oil is for aluminium drawing, specially designed for all excellent lubrication, high cooling power and a better detachment from aluminium. 

Grodal star DE 1422-90

Aluminium drawing oil with Viscosity 90 cSt @ 40°C.

Grodal Star DE 1422 H

For finer Aluminium wire drawing oil.

Grodal Star DE 1422 R 

Aluminium drawing oil with Viscosity 170 cSt @ 40°C.


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