Alkyd Primer / MIO / Finished Paints

Kangaroo HB Zinc Phosphate

Primer Rust preventive primer on interior / exterior steel exposed to mild to moderately corrosive industrial and marine atmosphere, under conventional or chlorinated rubber coating.

Kangaroo Antisalite Metallic Primer

As an anticorrosive primer on steel structures in marine atmosphere e.g. Under water area of barges, ships, cargo holds, etc.

Kangaroo Alkyd Paint Red Oxide

As a self-priming protective coating on the inside of penstock pipes carrying water with high velocity.

Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer To IS 2074 K

As a general purpose primer on exterior or interior steel in mild to moderately corrosive marine and industrial atmosphere.

Kangaroo high Build MIO paint 5216

As an intermediate or finishing coat in conventional system on structural steel in marine and industrial environment e.g. Coal or ore handling plant, barrage gates, pipelines, dock installations, jetties, etc.

Synthetic Enamel To IS 2932

As a finishing coat on exterior wood or steel surfaces in mildly to moderately corrosive environment.


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