BPL Marine Under Water Primer

As an anti-corrosive primer on steel hull. i.e. from keel to light load line and cargo holds. As a sealer coat for antifouling paints.

BPL Marine Primer Red/Green

It is based on plasticised chlorinated rubber and is resistant to sea water and splashes of mineral oils. It is typically used as a finishing coat on boot top and deck.

BPL Marine Anti Corrosive

As an intermediate coat between BPL Marine Underwater Primer & Antiflouling

BPL Marine Under Coat White

As an undercoating in alkyd paint systems on exterior/interior steel works, wood, plaster, etc. in mild/moderately corrosive environment

BPL Marine Syn. Enamel

Finishing coat on exterior and wood work etc. in mild/moderately corrosive environment. As a finishing coat in engine rooms, auxiliary equipment and on tank tops in engine rooms.

BPL Marine B/D Coating Green/Red

As a finishing coat on boot top areas & decks.

Kangaroo Black Board Paint

For wooden and steel boards.


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