Copper Plating Additives


Solar ZPS 1-Propane Sulphonic Acid, 3-(2-Benzothiazolylthio)- Sodium Salt 
Solar SPDS  Bis-(Sodium Sulphopropyl)- disulphideu 
Solar UTPS  Propane Sulphonic Acid, 3-(Aminoimino-Methyl)-thiol 
Solar EPS  1-Propane Sulphonic Acid 3-[(Ethoxy-Thioxomethyl)-thiol] - Potassium Salt
Solar DMPS N,N’-Dimethyl-Dithio Carbamyl Propyl Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Salt 
Solar TH 2 – Thiohydantoin 
Solar MBIS  1 - Propane Sulphonic Acid, 3 - (2-Mercaptobenzimidazolyl) Salt 
Grolite R 304 L  Dye Stuff
Grolite R 307  Dye Stuff


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