After all wet operations, articles need to be quickly and effectively dried to reduce possibility of staining/corrosion. Different types of equipment are available for this purpose, like conveyorised drying ovens for large components and basket/barrel configured dryers for smaller parts as well as centrifugal dryers.

  • Automatic Dryer:
    • It follows a preset operating sequence, thereby reducing labour and ensuring consistent quality and higher productivity.
    • A self-contained unit, this dryer has its hydraulic aggregated control for sequential operation of all functions.
    • This can handle large loads per batch as compared to manual operations.

  • Barrel Dryer:
    • This is recommended for specific components not amenable to drying by centrifugal action, or liable to be damaged during discharge into a centrifugal dryer.
    • Air heaters on either side of the barrel along with a circulation fan at the bottom create a steady flow of hot air over components in barrel, thus dry by evaporation.

  • Manual Centrifuge Dryer:
    • It is operated through a foot pedal and incorporates a safety interlocking arrangement which prevents the top-lid from opening while in operation.
    • Adequate supply of hot air is provided by fully enclosed electrical heating elements mounted on the side of the machine.
    • Ideal for high single loads at frequent intervals.

  • Auto Centrifugal Dryer:
    • Growel supplies a state-of-the-art on line centrifugal dryer with stainless steel basket, also used in passivation lines.
    • The lid opens with pneumatic cylinder & hot air is fed through a special blower with heating system.
    • The basket is static dynamically balanced & rotates for complete removal of water from components.


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