ElectroPhoretic Lacquers

Growclear LB 40
Growclear LB 40 is an acrylic lacquer to be used as top-coat on electroplated or mechanically finished Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Aluminium, satin Nickel, solid Brass, Brass plate and plated dye cast products. It has 3H-5H pencil hardness with excellent film clarity. Major applications are in imitation jewellery, hardware, pen and fitting components.

Growclear MB 60
Acrylic lacquer with high dissolved solids, provides excellent bright transparent coating, synergically improves brightness.

Growclear CB 105 / LC 125
Low temperature curing (at 125C) electrophoretic lacquer with very good non-yellowing property therefore Ideal choice for transparent top-coats on white metals like Aluminum, Silver etc.

Growclear HAR 60 Y
Electrophoretic lacquer with high resistance to acetone rub test.

Growclear HBC / Growclear 6055 / 6022 / 6038
Growclear HBC is an advanced water based electrophoretic polyureathane lacquer. It is specifically designed for high build deposit requirements upto 25 microns having wide application in bathroom fittings, hardware, Gold plated jewellery, pen parts and variety of fitting items.

Growclear Stripper
Excellent stripper for all types of electrophoretic deposits.

Growclear Colour Dye
Growclear Colour Dye is one of the most wide applications of Growclear / Growclear LB 40 in golden and other colour dyes, particularly in imitation jewellery. Grauer & Weil offers wide range of colour dyes use in Growclear / Growclear LB 40 process to obtain variety of attractive eyecatching colour shades.


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