We supply a wide range of filters and filtration systems. They are suited for virtually all filtration requirements in plating industry. Filtration demands of today's plating industry are diverse and stringent, prompting the need for a wide range of filtration systems. Flow rates range from 500 lph to as much as 30,000 lph.

 Growel offers complete range of filtration systems engineered to provide removal of particulates or organic impurities from a variety of chemicals or electroplating solutions.

A combination of compatible components ensures internal and external resistance to corrosive or oxidising solutions. In addition to basic systems, piping and valve arrangements are designed on a custom built basis where special filtration duties such as online carbon treatment, to filter chamber bypass are envisaged.

We offers both disc type and cartridge type systems to cater to specific applications and working conditions.

Some of the best Growel range of sturdy and dependable heavy duty filter units are:

  • Hercules: This model is designed to cater to very high filtration area requirement up to 30,000 lph. It is a two-stage filtration system with the option of carbon treatment in parallel. The combination of bags and cartridges as the filtering media makes this system more versatile.

  • Guardian/Atlas: They are compact, corrosion resistant and extremely simple to operate Cartridge filters, available in flow rates ranging from 8,000 lph to 20,000 lph. Choice of construction material allows use with most liquids, including harsh chemicals at elevated temperatures. As a further option, separate carbon chamber for simultaneous filtration and purification can be designed with appropriate flow control valve arrangements.


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