Ginplate Ni 440

Highly bright mid-phosphorous Electroless Nickel process


  • Good plating Speed (15 – 22 µ/hr)
  • Good wear and abrasion resistance
  • P- Content may be fine-tuned and controlled as per the requirements of jobs.
  • Operates at low nickel metal concentration (3gm/l)
  • Long life – Provides high metal turnover (>10 MTO)
  • Minimizes effluent disposal problem due to low-concentration bath
  • High hardness / Wear resistance.
  • Excellent Brightness.


  • No additional ammonia or carbonate is required to maintain the pH
  • Very consistent Mirror bright finish throughout the bath age
  • Very consistent and uniform plating speed
  • Low operating cost
  • Uniform and consistent alloy composition
  • Long bath life (10 MTO)


  • Automobile and textile industries
  • Decorative in-house application.
  • Oil and Gas Industries.


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