Ginplate Ni Uniramous 225 CLF

It is a Cadmium-Lead free, RoHS Low phosphorous [P-content 2 – 5%] ENP process. Uniramous 225 CLF can be operated at lower range of temperature (55 to 65 °C) and near neutral pH. This product is specifically designed for the electronics industry.


  • One Additive for both Make-up and Maintenance
  • Phosphorous Content: 3 – 8% by Weight
  • Hardness as plated: >550 HV, depending on P%
  • The process can be switched from LP ↔ MP by just switching the operating parameters, pH and Temperature
  • Ductile coating with zero to slightly compressive Internal Stress
  • Magnetic Properties: slightly Magnetic
  • Wide window of operating pH (4.5 – 7.0) and temperature (55 – 88 °C)
  • Deposition Rate: 7 – 25 µm/hr.
  • Good bath life 10 – 12 MTO
  • Matte to semi bright finish

Growel Advantage:

  • The Uniramous allow platers to use the same product for both make-up and maintenance.
  • An enormous amount of time, labour, energy, lab testing work can be saved due to the ease of using a single solution
  • The same single process from the same bath can be utilized to plate LP ↔ MP EN plating by just switching the pH and Temperature and vice versa
  • Free from Hazardous materials like Lead, Cadmium and other heavy metals
  • Good Lubricity, wear and abrasion protection
  • The process can be operated at a lower temperature (55 °C) and near neutral pH (7), which makes it suitable for difficult-to-plate material also.


  • Aerospace and Automobile industries
  • Engraving and printing rollers
  • Food-processing and Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Injection molds and Hydraulic cylinders


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