Ginsol-NI-801 / Ginplate Ni Cl2

It is a highly stable chloride-based alkaline Electroless Nickel Process, specially formulated to rapidly deposit uniform, defect-free, and well-conductive Ni-P layers on properly prepared ABS, PC- ABS blend, and other non-conductor substrates.


Salient Features:

  1. It has better solution stability due to higher dissolution of Chloride ions
  2. High Metal Turnover (MTO) due to low rate of Orthophosphate bi-product formation
  3. Faster and better coverage due to higher plating speed
  4. Wide window of bath-operating parameters (Temp. 30 to 45 deg, pH - 8.5 to 9.0)
  5. It meets the requirement of most of the regulatory compliances (eg- RoHS, REACH, ELVs etc.)


Industries: Automobile


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