Solar SAS 144 Sodium Allyl Sulphonate 
Solar BEO 252 2-Butyne-1, 4-Diol Ethoxylate 
Solar PS Sodium Propyne Sulphonate 
Solar BBIS Bis-Benzene Sulphonylimide 
Solar BMP 176 2-Butyne-1, 4-Diol Propoxylate 
Solar PPS -OH 8000 1-(2 Hydroxy-3- Sulphopropyl Pyridinium Hydroxide, Inner Salt
Solar DEP 151 N, N-Diethyl -2-Propyne-1-Amine 
Solar DEP 50 N, N’-Diethyl-2-Propyne-Ammonium Sulphate 
Solar FE DEP N, N’-Diethyl-2-Propyne-Ammonium Formate 
Solar DMP 1-Dimethylamino-2-Propyne 
Solar PME 900 Propargyl Alcohol Ethoxylate 
Solar TM Thiomalic Acid 
Solar ATPN Carboxyethyl Isothiuronium Betaine
Solar BoZ 1, 4, Butyne – Diol
Solar FBS Formaldehyde reaction product
Solar STPS Para toulene Sulphinate Acid, Sodium Salt
Solar Ni 1010 Sodium Benzene Sulphinate



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