NOF's ZINCROKOTE water-based zinc flake coating technology shields metal parts against corrosion, even at low thicknesses and through a non-electrolytic application process. This patented coating comprises passivated zinc and aluminum flakes within an organo-mineral binder. The unique flake geometry maximizes the active surface area of zinc and aluminum, enabling us to use less material while achieving superior anti-corrosion performance. The barrier effect isolates the metal from the corrosive environment. In fact, the flake morphology extends the distance that aggressive substances must travel to reach and corrode the substrate.


  • Patented, Chrome-Free Protection
  • Environment-friendly, water-based zinc flake coating technology.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence: 500 Hours of SST!
  • REACh, 2000/53/CE, 2002/95/CE Compliant
  • Dip, Spin, or Spray application



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