Rust Preventive Water Base

Grodal Core 40 (STL)

It is an amber colour water Emulsifiable rust preventive oil. It has been designed to provide a protective coating against corrosion on the ferrous and nonferrous metals. It also provides superior protective coating against corrosion on phosphated parts. It can be easily emulsified at room temperature.

Grodal SYNCOOL 2

Is a synthetic coolant which is widely also used in pump industry for submersible / open well / self Priming pump-sets. It is used to protect inner surface of motor against rust and corrosion. Due the excellent corrosion inhibition property it increases the working lifespan for Motor to greater extent.

Grodal RPWB 500 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPWB 500 (WS) 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPWB 200 BI 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPWB 200 M 

Rust Preventive Oil.

Grodal RPWB 100

It is water soluble corrosion inhibitor. Good anti-corrosive property.

Grodal RPWB 200

Excellent Rust/corrosion protection and is nitrite free, water soluble rust preventive longer sump life.

Grodal RPWB 300

Nitrite free, dibasic acid mixture provide excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition.


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