Silvernix Bright Silver Process
This is suitable for both vat and barrel plating normally used at room temperature. Deposits obtained are bright, hard, pore-free and ductile, specially recom- mended for electrical and electronic applications.

Argolume Bright Silver Process
This bright Silver process produces mirror bright, pure Silver deposit with pleasing colour. Process is based on fully organic addition agents and meets require- ments of switchgear industry for passage of current recommended for applications of giftware and also for cutlery.

Growsil Bright Silver Process
Mirror bright, bluish white pure Silver plating process especially suited for anklets (payal), jewellery, cutlery, decorative items and such.

Argobrite Silver Process
Produces excellent whitish bright deposit, specially designed for coating of pure Silver on existing Silver. Organic based system, does not affect electrical resistance, also ideal choice for application on switch gear components.

Ecosilver is a an alkaline, room temperature, cyanide- free Silver plating process that produces bright to semi-bright Silver deposits. It is suitable for both rack and barrel plating. The process is primarily recom- mended for application in cutlery, electronics and electrical components.

Protectosil is an electrolytic hexavalent Chrome free passivation bath to impart anti-tarnish properties to Silver coatings. It imparts a thin transparent inorganic film that gives valuable and effective protection against sulphides and other corrosive materials in atmosphere. It has insignificant effect on solderability and electrical conductivity thus recom- mended for electronics and electrical components.

Argocoat -13
A chemisorption anti-tarnish process for silver.

Silvaguard 16
An excellent anti-tarnish process for silver and copper.


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