Transport Wagon

There are numerous variants of motorised transport system. Different types of transport wagons are available to suit specific requirements. Transport wagons facilitate hoist and traverse movement of Racks and Barrels and can have special functions like dunking, tilting, barrel rotation and drip trays for reduced solution carry-overs.

Type of transport Wagons include:-

  • Transport wagons can be guided in: Ceiling suspended tracks.
  • Floor mounted portal structures – TYPE D.

  • In a laterally arranged track system (guidance above tank) - TYPE Skid.

  • In a laterally arranged track system (guidance below tank) - TYPE BU.

Some features of our Transport Wagons:-

  • Transport Wagons can be precisely stopped at desired position by using proximities, laser or linear positioning systems.
  • Wireless Communication and Power.
  • Robust cable-less technologies for increased uptime.
  • Drip tray arrangement is provided to contain solution dripping from the components (after withdrawal from tanks) as the transporter moves from one tank to another.

Growel has designed wide range of transport wagons capable of operating with traverse speeds of up to 50m/min and pay loads of up to 8 tons.


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