Zinc Plating Additives


Solar BA 77 3-Butene-2-one-4-phenyl, (Benzylidene Acetone)
Solar SCS 40 Sodium-4-(1-Methyl Ethyl) Benzene Sulphonate
Solar SES Sodium-2-Ethyl-Hexyl-sulphate
Solar BPC Benzyl-Pyridinium-3 Carboxylate
Solar TU 2-Thiouracil
Additive 4073 Polyalcohol Ether
Additive 8906 Formaldehyde Condensate Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Salt
Additive N 100 Niacin
Additive N 200 Anisaldehyde
Additive GA 78 Ortho Chloro Bonzaldehyde Chloride
Solar SC 2812 Polymer
Solar IME Imidazole – Epichlorohydryn
Solar EHP Poly Ethylene lmine modified
Solar DE Cationic Amine Polymer
Solar OP 10 Long chain Phenol Ethoxylate
Solar OPES Phenol Ether Sulphate
Solar GES Ethoxylated Glycerin



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